PES 2020 Smoke Patch20 (20.1.0) season 2020 + Updated transfers

PES 2020 Smoke Patch20 (20.1.0) season 2020

New major changes in the correction
69 new teams have been added
Updated winter transfers
Update the league championships for the 2020 season
Many groups update
Update some shoes for the 2020 season
Add new managers

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Includes all DP files
Compatible with the latest Data Pack 3 game
Added full compatibility with DLC3
Ready for the 2020 season
Real names of all players
Real name and logo for all teams
All teams have the correct stadium name
All championships have a valid name and logo
Updated stats from the latest live update
Dpfilelist switcher update
Add new teams
Add new national teams
Add new league tournaments
Add new classic teams
Add 8 more national teams
(Linya, Zimbabwe, Togo, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Syria, Bahrain)
The new major league is required due to changes to DLC3 and DB
Remove duplicate teams
Add new managers
He added many real faces
Added more than 200 young players
Added a lot of mini faces
Real balls added
Add 100 shoes and 30 gloves
Other updates and fixes
Many others ….
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Download SmokePatch20 + Update 20.0.2

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