PES 2017 Professionals Patch V6 Season 2020

PES 2017 Professionals Patch 2019/2020 V6 New

Sixth Edition Features
Add summer transfers for 2019/2020 season
Add crews for teams and European and Arab elections for the 2020 season
New stadiums (Champions League final, San Paolo, New Tottenham, Mohammed V, Rades)
Egyptian Stadiums (Cairo Stadium, Petro Sport, Alexandria, Suez, Ismailia, Peace, Borg El Arab and Air Defense)
Updating the Italian, Egyptian and other scorpions
Add many PES 20 players with their original abilities
Transforming Pace Energies 20
Add up and down teams for all leagues
Add new flooring
Add balls
Add Champions League groups 2020–1919
Update European Cups and add Egyptian Cups
Add new and Soundtrack
The addition of external photography of the stadiums
You can add trainers to Masters League of Allicator
And many other features you discover yourself

PES 2017 Professionals Patch V6
PES 2017 Professionals Patch V6 AIO pes 2017 patch professional
pes 2017 professionals patch v6
باتش بيس 2017 انتقالات 2020 الدوري المصري

Here download the patch in more than one way

Download PES 2017 Professionals Patch V6

Download the Data Pack link

مميزات الاصدار السادس لباتش بيس بروفشنال لبيس 2017
تحديث جميع انتقالات بيس 2017 لموسم 2020
اضافة احدث اطقم بيس 2017 لموسم 2020
افضل باتش لاضافة الدورى المصرى لبيس 2017 باحدث انتقالات 2020
تحديث واضافة احدث الوجوه لبيس 2017

والعديد من المميزات الاخرى تكتشفونها بأنفسكم


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